Fraser Amusements brings family rides,  games, and carnival style concession to school events and fundays. We are a unique children’s carnival catering to families with children aged one to twelve. Our  midway is very festive and colourful, with well maintained rides and fun family games that give out a prize to every player so everyone feels like a winner.

We participate in over forty school events annually. Our carnival is available at no cost to the PAC or school. We sell our tickets to families at very reasonable prices and pay a fee to the PAC. We employ our own specially trained operators and incur all the costs of licenses, insurance, storage, upkeep, transportation, set up, operation, and tear down. Fraser Amusements is entirely self contained and family run. We carry our own power, insurance, and operating licenses. All of our light weight equipment sets up quickly and will not harm grass or pavement.

The carnival supplies a complete event. We pay you a flat fee. We provide the attraction and generate the excitement - you seize this opportunity to effectively fundraise with the many ideas in our resource centre below, or use your own creativity.

Whether you are the only PAC member with limited volunteers for event day or have an army at your disposal, you can make this opportunity a success.

At the link below you will find a resource centre with many ideas and supportive materials to enhance your carnival day. Here the PAC can review  fundraising ideas. Posters, contacts and other helpful information is included. The kids will have an event they will remember for all their lives!


Fraser Amusements is available for fairs, festivals, school events, picnics, and private functions throughout the lower mainland. We can provide a complete midway or a smaller package for lower attendance events.

We are available to attend meetings and give presentations to your committee if necessary. We compliment  your event and provide a fantastic draw for neighbouring schools and community centers. Having Fraser Amusements supply your amusement needs ensures your event of a professional, experienced team.